Aaron Dean directing a music video in NYC. Photo: Tim Gvr

Aaron Dean directing a music video in NYC. Photo: Tim Gvr

Aaron Dean

Since early childhood I have been a builder. There are not many career paths for high school students, but people (and eventually record labels and public companies) continually paid me to produce their videos.

Edit April, 2016: AD Productions operations are now merged with Hurst Creative NYC. Aaron maintains a close working relationship with the team at Hurst to ensure the quality of creative output remains high.


The AD Productions Project Team

The AD Productions team is made up of creative, hard-working, and ambitious individuals interested in applying creativity to digital media. This team spans from graphic designers to videographers with everything in between. 

Core Staff


Cinematography, Photography

Bio: Tim was born in 1997 in Moscow, Russia. He immigrated to the United States at fourteen where he first got his hands on a camera. Searching for ways to express himself, he found that the arts was the only language that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers. He learned that emotions and feelings could be embedded into film. His move to the U.S. and interest in cinematography became a transformative experience that defined his identity and passion for the visual arts.

He joined AD Productions in his sophomore year of high school and worked his way up to cinematographer on multiple projects.


Directing, Cinematography, Photography

Corey is a videographer and photographer who can tackle a versatile assortment of projects. He is a NYFA graduate.



Sal is an up and coming director. His directorial debut was with AD Productions. He is currently enrolled in school working on honing his craft.


Gaffing, Coordination

Reuben has always had an inner passion for photography and filming. I started out assisting my uncle who is a professional photographer and then came in contact with Aaron Dean. Together Aaron and I traveled all over NJ and NYC to produce countless interviews, advertisements, and music videos that improved our filming and editing talents. One of my favorite things about filming is the endless ability to use creativity. Joining ADP has let my inner childhood dream come true.